A Few Basic Facts About Sandusky Ohio


Sandusky is a city that is located in Ohio State. It is categorized within Erie County. Sandusky sits on the shores of Lake Erie. Cleveland is located on its east while to the west of it is Toledo.

As of 2010, Sandusky’s estimated population was at roughly 26,000. In 2011, Sandusky made it to the list of “Best Places to Live Cheaply” (in the U.S.). The list was compiled by Forbes. The average income of a family in Sandusky is $64,000.

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company has its headquarters located in Sandusky alongside its flagship amusement Cedar Point. Cedar Point is known for its sizable collection of roller coasters not just in the U.S., but on a global scale.

Sandusky was named “Tree City USA” by the National Arbor Day Foundation.


The name Sandusky traces its origins from the Wyandot word saandusti, which means “water in water-pools”. Alternatively, it can also be traced to andusti meaning “cold water”. 


Sandusky was founded in 1818. A portion of the city was built on land where a Native-American known as Ogontz once dwelt. That is why it is said that Sandusky was established upon “Ogontz’ place”.

Before slavery was abolished in America, Sandusky was a prominent stop on the Underground Railroad. As can be seen in the classic novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriet Beecher Stowe, numerous slaves that sought freedom in Canada came through Sandusky first where they got on boats to cross Lake Erie towards the final stop of Amherstburg, Ontario.

The design of downtown Sandusky was done in accordance to a modified grid plan. The plan is known as the “Kilbourne Plat”. The initial street pattern made use of Freemasonry symbols. When the groundbreaking ceremony of Lake Erie Railroad and Mad River was performed in September 17, 1835, Sandusky was the location. At present, the tracks that once through downtown Sandusky are no longer there.


With regard to Sandusky’s climate, it is considered humid continental, similar to other states within central USA. Summers are known to be warm and humid, while winters are harsh and cold. The average high temperature in January is at 32 F, while the low is at 19 F. The city gets about 28.4 inches of snow in the winter months. 

Sandusky’s most popular tourist destinations include Cedar Point, boating and island hopping on Kelleys Island, North Bass Island, South Bass Island, and Middle Bass Inland.

Outdoor and indoor parks flourish there as well.

What Men Should Know About Dating In Sandusky

sandusky-couple-hugLove is not easy, even in Sandusky Ohio, and dating can be hard. For every date you go through, you’re committing your time, energy and money to meeting girl after girl, hoping that you’ve finally found the one who could be your partner for life.

Unfortunately you can’t fast-forward through life to skip to the part when you have actually found the right person for you. But don’t fret; each date may cost you, but these are also lessons you can use to make your next date better, and the next, and the next…until you’ve finally hit the jackpot.

If you’ve consistently been down on your luck, maybe it’s time to take a step back and evaluate what you’ve been doing so far. Have you appeared too eager to move to the next level? Were you courteous, nice and worthy of a lady? Did you come off as too desperate or clingy? It’s time to remedy these.

A gentleman wouldn’t be so quick to blame the women as “wrong for him.” Respect is one thing that’s important in the dating scene and any relationship. Treat the women right, respect their choices, and you’ll be worthy of a lady’s attention and love.

It’s important to be yourself as well. Don’t try too hard to impress a girl; let her see the real, genuine you, and you’ll feel more relaxed and more confident. Crack jokes, make her laugh, ask her about herself. She’ll love being listened to.

That said, do put your best foot forward too. First impressions actually do count, so if you dress sloppily, you won’t have much luck getting a second date.

Be open to communication. Stop with the senseless mind games and be direct and to the point. Let her know you actually mean what you say. She’ll appreciate that.

Be sensitive to her needs as well too. Women can be emotional, and sometimes all they want is a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on — not logical advice. Be sensitive enough to know the difference and do small acts of surprises to cheer her up.

In short: be a genuinely nice, likable person who is confident in himself and respects others. Be patient, and you’ll get lucky in the relationship department.